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What is Auto Transport?

Auto Transport is the process of transporting one or more vehicles by way of semi-trailer from one location to another. This can be as close as across town, or as far as across the country.

Are all auto transports the same?

No. Because different kinds of vehicles have individual transport requirements, such as low sitting cars or exotic high-end vehicles, there are a couple of kinds of auto transports available. The two main types of car carrier are open and enclosed. An open carrier is a double stacked trailer that typically fits up to ten vehicles at one time. Enclosed carriers have walls on all sides to protect the transported vehicles from dust, weather, and flying debris. Enclosed carriers usually carry a smaller payload which means fewer vehicles transported at one time.

How will my vehicle be transported?

How your vehicle will be transported will depend on which method you feel fits your transport and budget needs best. The most common form of auto transport is the open carrier as it is usually cheaper and provides adequate or higher protection for most everyday vehicles.

Is this a door to door transport service?

Yes, where locations permit. It is our goal to pick up and deliver as close to your requested locations as possible. However, some instances like narrow streets, cul-de-sacs, low hanging wires, steep inclines, and local city and traffic regulations may prevent the carrier from being able to deliver directly to your driveway.

Why should I ship my vehicle vs trailer it myself?

Pulling a trailer or vehicle safely and correctly takes training and practice. By hiring a trained professional to transport your vehicle you ensure that your car, truck, or recreational vehicle is fully protected and will arrive in good condition without the stress of doing it yourself. In addition, you protect yourself, family, and property from potential injury or damage incurred from having an accident while attempting to trailer your vehicle yourself.

Is it cost effective to have my car transported?

Yes, in many cases it is both cost-effective and efficient to ship your vehicle via a car transport company because it saves you in repetitive costs, added vehicle mileage, fuel costs, and time. Depending on your specific situation, auto transport could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

How do I get a Quote?

Getting a quote is easy. Simply fill out our site’s Quote Form and submit it. One of our knowledgeable and friendly associates will get back to you right away with a quote and to answer any additional questions that you may have before walking you through the scheduling and transport process.


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