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Classic Car Shipping: How to Ship Your Classic Car in the U.S.

Antique Cars Age Gracefully with Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport Service

Classic car auto transport open or enclosed

Classic Car Shipping

Classic cars are an expensive hobby so it is important to protect your investments when shipping them any amount of distance. That’s where San Diego Car Shipping comes in. We use only the most professional, reliable, and reputable carriers in the industry to assure that your valued automobile investment will be transported in the most secure manner possible.

Reasons to Ship a Classic Automobile

As you know, what makes a classic car, truck, or motorcycle valuable is its pristine condition, relatively low miles, and rarity. That’s why people will travel for miles to see their favorites at rallies and car shows. So why devalue your classic investment by driving it from show to show? Using a car shipping company is an ideal way to transport your valuable without adding miles to the odometer, or incurring the cost of purchasing a trailer and insurance to do your own transporting.

Besides maintaining your investment’s value by not adding miles to the odometer, you can also protect your classic car’s appearance and delicate antique interiors, paintwork, and surfaces from sun and UV exposure during the transport; just as if it were tucked safely into your garage at home.

By hiring a professional to transport your valuable vehicle, you are insured for any liability damage that could possibly occur in the rare instance. Whereas if you do your own transportation of your classic car or truck you are responsible for any damages that may happen while you are transporting your vehicle.

Recommended Method of Shipping a Classic Vehicle

Although it is a bit more expensive, we recommend shipping your classic car or truck via an enclosed carrier to protect it from the elements, dust, and flying debris during the transportation process. In some cases where there is original leather or extremely delicate interior materials, you might want to consider an enclosed carrier with an environmentally controlled trailer to minimize deteriorating heat exposure that can fade fabric colors as well as begin to disintegrate extremely old fabrics or make leather crack.

If you are unsure of the best method to transport your classic car or truck, call us today so that we can answer your questions and walk you through the process from beginning to end. Or, if you are simply looking for someone to transport your classic, fill out our Quote Form and we will get back to you shortly.


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