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How to Ship Your Car to College in Another State

Ship Your Car with an Auto Transport Company and Gain Time for Paperwork and Packing

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That old clunker that got your student through those high school years may still be great for getting your young adult around town during their college years, but what if your student decides to go to college out of state? It may be a good get around town car, but definitely not a cross-country road trip vehicle. And, even if it is a good quality car that will make the road trip, do you really want your young adult driving that cross-country trip alone? Probably not. So how do you get their car to them? Auto transport, that’s how.

Cost Effective

Auto Transport is a cost-effective way to ensure that your student will have reliable transportation while away at school without having to buy another car, or make a potentially dangerous cross-country road trip.

Peace of Mind

Having your student’s vehicle transported provides you with the ability to inspect and make any needed adjustments or maintenance repairs to your student’s get-around-town vehicle before shipping it to them so that you know it will be in good working order when it arrives. It also assures that you know what your student will be driving while they are out of state, and not worrying about them having to purchase a vehicle on their own once they are away from home.

Benefits of Car Shipping

  • Door to Door Services – Because the shipper will deliver the vehicle to your student there is no need to arrange a ride to pick it up from a holding location, making it more convenient in general.
  • Time Management – Shipping your student’s car or truck means that you can ship it before they leave to arrive around the same time your student arrives. That way your student will have their vehicle as soon as possible without lag time.
  • Getting the Most for your Buck – Taking that old yet reliable car with them to college allows your student to get the most out of their current car or truck; saving on time, money, and frustration from car shopping, carpooling, and maneuvering public transportation.
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