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Enclosed Carrier: How to Ship and Protect Your Luxury Car When Moving Across States

Keep Your Exotic Sports Car Protected with Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport Shipping

enclosed carrier

Enclosed Transport Auto Shipping

Enclosed transportation services are similar to open transportation, except instead of an open trailer enclosed transport shipping uses an enclosed trailer to keep out any weather, dust, debris, and potential flying rocks that may sometimes occur during the transportation process.

Why Choose Enclosed Transportation

Although open transport is an effective and safe manner of transporting your vehicle, there are those special cars, trucks, and specialty automotive items that need a bit more protection when traveling. Some examples of vehicles that you may want to spend a little extra money and opt for the enclosed carrier for are:

  • Classic Cars – Protecting your investment is important when transporting a classic car that you have invested your time, money, and hard labor in restoring. An enclosed carrier provides you with the extra protection you are looking for.
  • Specialty Paint Job Vehicles – Some finishes are more delicate than others making them require a soft touch when being transported. Shiping this kind of vehicle via an enclosed carrier ensures your paint job will look the same when it arrives as it did when it left your possession.
  • Fragile Vehicles – Maybe you haven’t quite got all of the pieces put back together on your project car, or your vehicle is simply very old and not in the best shape as yet. These are ideal reasons to use an enclosed transport. Shipping your project car via an enclosed carrier will make sure that all of your parts arrive together and minimize the opportunity for lose or dangling parts from dislodging and becoming lost during the bumpy trailer ride.
  • Low sitting vehicles – Some vehicles sit too low to be loaded properly onto an open bed trailing. For these vehicles, your best choice for transporting is the enclosed transport option.
  • Security – Enclosed transportation also provides a more secure environment than open transport when on the road from potential theft or

Benefits of Enclosed Auto Shipping

Besides being completely enclosed, your vehicle will be transported with fewer vehicles allowing for fewer opportunities to be bumped, scraped, or damaged during the loading, transport,  and unloading process.

In addition, since there are fewer vehicles on the trailer there are fewer stops to be made, meaning your vehicle will be delivered quicker than if it were being delivered by open transport with up to ten other vehicles.

Because enclosed transport protects your vehicle from road hazards, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle will be safely transported and delivered to you without having to worry about damage, insurance claims, or costly repairs.

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